Children’s Ministry 


Welcome to the children’s ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church. Our vision is to help children & families grow in faith together. We want kids to feel loved and connected to the Body of Christ. Our goal is to create an environment where kids learn about Jesus in a fun, exciting way and where parents feel supported and encouraged as we seek to raise the next generation for Christ. We do our best to create kid-friendly classrooms and programs that help nurture your child’s faith & spiritual development.


Sunday Morning Ministries: 

Children’s ministries are available for nursery-5th grade for our 10am service. Children will sit with their parents during opening worship and announcements. Before the start of the sermon, the pastor will dismiss the children to their ministries. Children’s Church is normally 35-45min long. During class time, children will learn key Bible truths, which are reinforced through meaningful activities, projects and group interaction. We also strive to be relevant and help children apply what they learn to their daily lives. 



(F3) Faith, Family, Fun Events 

 At Immanuel Baptist Church, one of our goals is to nurture faith in families. We want to see moms, dads & kids all learning and growing together. As a result, we host quarterly events for children and their parents. Our goal is to make these events:

  • Faith-based
  • Family-centered
  • Fun


    Worship Activities 

    We want kids to understand that they are an important part of our congregation. Throughout the year, children are given opportunities to contribute to the morning worship service. These worship activities may include performing songs, reading Scripture, participating in a simple play, skit or program.  


    Philippians 2:4-IBC Kids Service Projects 

    The goal of these events is to encourage children to serve others as instructed in Philippians 2:4. These service projects present kids & families with a safe, exciting and hands-on opportunity to meet the needs of people in our community and country. Service projects are hosted 2-3 times per year after the service on Sundays. 


    Children’s Church Events 

    Children love to play and have fun. Even Scripture acknowledges this when it states that the new heaven and earth will be filled with “boys and girls playing” (Zach. 8:5). During certain holidays, we host exciting events for kids during Children’s Church.  Creative projects, lively music, games and other activities are included!   




    Our AWANA program takes place on Tuesday nights from 6-7:30pm.  Activities are broken into three sections. These include: 

      Large Group Time: Clubbers will listen to an engaging lesson that helps deepen their understanding of God and the Bible. 

     Game Time: At games, kids participate in a variety of activities prepared by the AWANA game leader. 

    Small Group Time. Using AWANA handbooks, leaders will help children master basic Biblical concepts, think through stimulating questions and memorize key Bible passages. 


     AWANA Age-Groups:

    Puggles (2-3 Year olds)

    Cubbies: 4-5 years old.

    Sparks: K-2nd Grade

    T&T: 3rd-6th Grade

    Trek: 7th-12th Grade

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