Member Picture Day

Our Church is doing a new pictorial directory! We want everyone to get a new picture made so that our new directory will be complete. IT WON’T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU! You can make your appointment online. Click on the link below and make your appointment on-line.


Photo dates are:
MAY 2,3, 2024
You will have a professional photography session, see your proofs, and have the opportunity to purchase extra portraits for family and friends. Any questions please call the church at 360-533-2012 and speak with Patti.

Mother’s Day Celebration Service

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate Mother’s Day at 10am.  Our study for Sunday is found in Philippians 2:4-11, a call to serving others following the example of our Supreme Servant, Jesus Christ.  Moms are a close second to putting the needs of others before their own!